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I am Gergely Dálya, a PhD student at Eötvös University, Hungary. My research interest focuses on gravitational-wave astrophysics and multi-messenger astronomy. I am a member of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and its Hungarian group, the Eötvös Gravity Research Group (EGRG) since summer 2015.

My CV can be accessed on the following link:
Curriculum Vitae
I earned my MSc diploma in astrophysics at the Eötvös University in July 2017. In my MSc diploma thesis I have created the biggest and most complete public all-sky galaxy catalog, GLADE and applied it in the identification of source galaxies of electromagnetic and gravitational wave transients. My thesis can be downloaded in Hungarian by clicking the following link:
Galaxiskatalógus fejlesztése és felhasználása elektromágneses és gravitációshullám-tranziensek forrásgalaxisainak azonosításában
In my BSc diploma thesis I investigated the possibility of discovering (sub)stellar companions around pulsating main-sequence stars using asteroseismological methods on data from the Kepler space telescope. It can be downloaded in Hungarian by clicking the following link:
Kísérők kimutatása pulzáló változócsillagok körül a Kepler-űrtávcső mérései alapján