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I am Gergely Dálya, an MSc student at Eötvös University, Hungary. My research interest focuses on gravitational-wave astrophysics and exoplanetary systems. I am a member of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and its Hungarian group, the Eötvös Gravity Research Group (EGRG) since summer 2015. I also work at the Konkoly Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as a research assistant since autumn 2015.

I earned my BSc diploma in physics at the Eötvös University in July 2015. In my BSc diploma thesis I investigated the possibility of discovering (sub)stellar companions around pulsating main-sequence stars using asteroseismological methods on data from the Kepler space telescope. It can be downloaded in Hungarian by clicking the following link:
Kísérők kimutatása pulzáló változócsillagok körül a Kepler-űrtávcső mérései alapján
My CV can be accessed on the following link:
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